Non-Invasive Flourescein Free Angiogram

Addressing both the functional brain-imaging research needs and the ophthalmic research and clinical markets by providing unique imagers for early diagnisis and treatment monitoring

All Optical Optogenetics Stimulation and Functioanl Imaging

Functional imaging by VSD, ISI, CA++. Flavo-Proteins

Blood Flow Velocity down to Quaternary Vessels

Retinal Function Imaging – Multi-Modal Ophthalmic Imaging

From Optical Imaging ltd., the Pioneers and Leaders of Quantitative Noninvasive Angiography,

Blood Flow, Blood Velocity and Oximetry in One Device


Our Products

  • Blood Flow in the Microvasculature
  • Blood Velocity in the Microvasculature
  • Oximetry in the Microvasculature
  • Wide Field Noninvasvie Quantitative Angiography

Recent Publications

  • Calcium Imaging – GCaMP6 & More
  • Voltage Sensitive Dye Imaging
  • Integrated Optogenetics Pattern Stimulation
  • Flavo-Protein Fluorescence
  • Intrinsic Signal Imaging
  • Cerebral Blood Flow Imaging
  • Cardiac Imaging

Recent Publications

NEW! RH-2080 is now available. Optical Imaging announces its new “blue” line of high-speed voltage sensitive dyes for cortical imaging, available exclusively from OI

Our Vision

Optical Imaging Ltd is dedicated to providing clinicians a multi-modal, functional, non-invasive retinal imaging platform in ophthalmology & neurology to improve diagnosis and treatment & monitoring. Functional, as well as Structural.

Expanding the platform of functional optical imaging to other organs of the body – through the eye and directly.

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