All Optical Optogenetics Stimulation and Functioanl Imaging

Functional imaging by VSD, Genetically engineered Voltage Probes, ISI, CA++. Flavo-Proteins

Our Products

  • Calcium Imaging – GCaMP6 & More
  • Voltage Sensitive Dye Imaging
  • Integrated Optogenetics Pattern Stimulation
  • Flavo-Protein Fluorescence
  • Intrinsic Signal Imaging
  • Cerebral Blood Flow Imaging
  • Cardiac Imaging

Recent Publications

NEW! RH-2080 is now available. Optical Imaging announces its new “blue” line of high-speed voltage sensitive dyes for cortical imaging, available exclusively from OI

  • Blood Flow in the Microvasculature
  • Blood Velocity in the Microvasculature
  • Oximetry in the Microvasculature
  • Wide Field Noninvasvie Quantitative Angiography

Recent Publications

(On hold; waiting for a new RFOI model)

Our Vision

Optical Imaging Ltd is dedicated to providing clinicians a multi-modal, functional, non-invasive retinal imaging platform in ophthalmology & neurology to improve diagnosis and treatment & monitoring. Functional, as well as Structural.

Expanding the platform of functional optical imaging to other organs of the body – through the eye and directly.

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