Retinal Function Imaging – Multi-Modal Ophthalmic Imaging

Non-Invasive Flourescein Free Angiogram

Addressing both the functional brain-imaging research needs and the ophthalmic research and clinical markets by providing unique imagers for early diagnisis and treatment monitoring

Blood Flow Velocity down to Quaternary Vessels

Retinal Function Imager

Optical Imaging Ltd is dedicated to introducing to the medical community novel diagnostic equipment that provides new early diagnostics capabilities and new insights into ophthalmic diseases, enabling targeted treatment, clinical follow-up and enhanced drug development.

The Retinal Function Imager (RFI) is an integrated hardware and software turnkey system, providing a unique non-invasive, ophthalmic functional imaging system with novel capabilities for “seeing the invisible”.

The RFI maps the retina to the resolution of single red blood cells moving through capillaries. The RFI offers clinicians and researchers insight into the pathogenesis of retinal diseases leading to better patient care.

In addition, the RFI is a complete end-to-end solution that contains software modules to capture, analyze, store and retrieve all patient images and history information, making it easy to use for both patient and physicians.


The RFI Provides the Following New Non-Invasive Diagnosis Technologies