New! Pattern Stimulation for Optogenetics Integrated with Functional Imaging

Multi-purpose Turnkey Brain Imagers – The 3001 Family

  • VSD optical imaging of cortical functional architecture in vivo or in vitro.
  • VSD optical imaging of network dynamics in vivo or in vitro.
  • Intrinsic optical imaging of cortical functional architecture in vivo.
  • Intrinsic optical imaging for delineation of functional borders during neurosurgery.
  • Intrinsic optical imaging of activity dependent signals in vitro.
  • On-line visualization of changes in cerebral blood volume and flow.
  • Imaging oxygen saturation in vivo and in vitro.
  • Calcium dye imaging of brain slices and other in vitro. preparations.
  • Potassium and sodium imaging.
  • Imaging of intrinsic metabolic markers, cytochromes, NADH, flavins, etc.
  • Imaging of other extrinsic absorption or fluorescent probes for small ligands and proteins.

Check The New Products in the 3001 Family!

CELOX : Our Fastest Camera Ever, from ISI Speeds to 10,000 Hz VSD Imaging!

LYNX: Our Ultra Low Light Level Camera for Flavo-Protein & Calcium Imaging!

  • Unsurpassed for VSD imaging at rates up to 1 kHz – in-vivo or in-vitro
  • Many camera options, for a very wide choice of speeds and binning options
  • Lab interface with 24 BNC connections to your other lab equipment, for total flexibility

Multiple Imaging Systems